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Caffe Nero

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Caffe Nero

Good food and drink.

The Caffè Nero philosophy is really very simple: Premium Italian coffee. A warm and welcoming atmosphere. Good food and great personal service.


The core of our brand is our coffee. We place great emphasis and spend large amounts of time and energy finding and buying the highest quality beans, and then having our craftsmen at our Roastery roast and blend our special, classic, award-winning, Nero blend.
This blend is then the foundation for our high quality range of espresso based coffee. It takes years and years of experience and knowledge to master the art of great coffee making.


At Caffè Nero, great people are the key to great service – those with genuine warmth and a positive outlook on life are the ones we seek out. We are lucky to have some fantastic people in our company, and they make all the difference. Our goal is to give friendly, personal service. We hope that comes across in our stores.

Nonetheless, our Frith Street Soho store at 3am is very different from our Harrogate store at 2pm and our Liverpool Street store in London’s financial district at 8am – and they should be. The same values, goals and offering, but each store reflects and is part of the local community.


Our food is inspired by classic Italian recipes. We create delicious food using only fresh and premium ingredients. In collaboration with Italian chef Ursula Ferrigno, our dedicated in-house food team endlessly work on interesting new products and ideas we think you might like, and lots of our food recipes are unique to Nero.

Caffe Nero


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